St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning Newsletters


Each Friday, the St Francis Primary newsletter is prepared, emailed to subscribers and sent home with the children. Parents/Carers are encouraged to subscribe to our online newsletter (using the subscribe link below), to receive all the latest news and upcoming events straight to your email inbox. Our newsletters are also archived below for you to read at your convenience.

Purpose of our Newsletters

The weekly newsletter is an important feature of our community. Our Principal uses the newsletter to write to parents each week. Sharing stories of faith and hope through the newsletter, is one way that St Francis of Assisi is able to reach out to all in our community. It helps us encourage parents, students and staff to work together to reveal aspects of God's wisdom and love to the world.

It is important that parents and carers read the newsletter and all notes carefully. These are valuable sources of information about events within the St Francis community, and a means of communication between school and home, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date.

Our Current Newsletter

  Newsletter Term 1 week 11 2019

Principal's Message, Staff Development Day, Important Dates, Numeracy at home, Winter Uniform, Term 2 Overview, First Holy Communion, Year 6 Camp, P & F Easter Raffle, Congratulations, Sports Uniform Days, Evacuation Fire Drill, Earn and Learn, Enroling now, Raising a concern, Absences at School, Thank you, Athletics Carnival, Parish news, Good Shepherd Logo Design Comp, QKR Uniform Ordering App


  Newsletter Term 1 Week 9 2019

Principal's Message, Staff Development Day, Important Dates and Events, Prayer, First Holy Communion, Wellbeing, School Leave, Parish News, New Fitness Equipment, Canteen Orders, Easter Egg Mufti Day, School Fees, Cross Country, Swimming Trials, Look Who It Is, Uniform Price List, Term Overview

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 7 2019

Principal's Message, Complaints and Grievances, Student Lunches, Attendance, Parking at school, Parish News, NAPLAN, Confirmation schedule, Catholic Schools Week, National Anti Bullying Day, Staff Changes, Gubbio, Premier's Reading Challenge,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 5 2019

Principal's Message, Catholic School's Week, Blacktown Advocate article, Changing arrangements, Why is my child's teacher out of class, P & F Committee, Change of Sports Day, Attendance, Diocesan Swimming, Athletics Carnival, Good Shepherd Sacrament of Confirmation 2019

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 3 2019

Principal's Message, Catholic School's Week Open Day, Census date change, Dates Coming Up, Zone Swimming Carnival, Student Attendance/Leave, Parking, Congratulations, P & F Meeting, Items for the newsletter, Arriving on time, PBS4L, Sports Days, Notes Due, Whole School Assembly, St Andrews College Open Day, Cool Kids Music,Opal Cards

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 2019

Kindy BBQ and Information Session, Years 1 to 6 Information Sessions, Sports Day Update, Dates Coming Up

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 1 2019

Principal's message, Whole School Assembly, Opening School Mass, Date Coming Up, School Fees, Parent Information Sessions, MAI's, Labelling items, Medication, Nut Free School, Congratulations, Sports Days, Assemblies, Kindy BBQ & 1st Day Photos, Canteen menu

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 9 2018

Principal's Message, Dates Coming Up, Thanksgiving Mass, Parent Helpers Morning Tea, Term Dates, Year 6 Graduation Mass, Swimming Carnival, Water Fun Day, New school year reminders, Medication, Attendance, Staffing for 2019

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 2018

Principal's Message, Reflection, Swimming carnival, 2019 School Captains, Medication and medical alerts, Christmas Treats, School Fees, Attendance, Lost Property, End of Year Reports

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 2018

Principal's message, Staffing, Class Groups 2019, Swimmig Program and Carnival, St Francis rules and expectations, Christmas Carols, Grooming and hair, Complaints and grievances, Medical alerts, Absences, Respect Awards, Stage 3 Oz Tag, Congratulations, Term dates, 2019 Kinder Transition, Talent Quest

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 2018

Principal's message, Kindergarten 2019 Transition, Respect Awards, Congratulations, Attendance, Privacy, Meal Good Feel Good Festival, Talent Quest

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 2 2018

Principal's Message, Our Lady of the Rosary, Summer Uniform, Dates Coming Up, Respect Awards, Basketball Gala Day, School Fees, Condolences, National Apology letter, Meal Good Feel Good, Rides Pass, Term Overview, New Canteen Menu,

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 1 2018

Welcome, School Photos, St Clares Orientation, Diocesan Basketball, Sports Uniform, Lost Property

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 10 2018

Principal's Message, Twelve Principles of parenting, Help a farmer day, Respect Awards, Summer Uniform, Every Day Counts, Good Luck, Lost Property, Parking near school, St Francis Day Celebrations, Term 4 Overview

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 8 2018

Principals Message, Staff Development Day, Bring your change, World Youth Day Raffle Tickets, Attendance Leaving School, Congratulations, NAPLAN, Awards, Infants Carnival, Year 4 Excursion

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 2018

Principals Message, Staff Development Day, Drought Relief, Staff Leave, Parking, Complaints and Grievances, Athletics Update, Awards, Captivate, Attendance, Congratulations, Fathers Day Celebrations

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 5 2018

Fathers' Day Celebrations, Attendance letters, Year 3 and 5 Online NAPLAN Trial

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 4 2018

Principal's Message, Kindy 2019 information night, Fathers' Day Celebrations, COSCH Coordinator, School Fees, Student Leave, Staff Professional Learning, Privacy Law, Respect Awards, Book Fair and Grandparents Day, Year 5 Excursion, Zone Athletics, Year 2 Incursion, Year 3 Incursion, Dental Check, Sacramental Program.

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 2 2018

Principal's message, Dates Coming Up, Respect Awards, Book Fair, Complaints and Grievances, Sacraments at Good Shepherd Church, Oz Fashions School Uniforms, School Fees, Parent Learning Forum, Census, Book Club, Lost Property, Fete Note, Infants Playground, Attendance

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 1 2018

An update of what is happening this term

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 10 2018

Principal's Message, Dates Coming Up, Staff Development Day, Grievance Policy, Holiday Slump! Respect Award Morning Tea, Lost Property, Sports Days, WYD Raffle Tickets, Attendance, Respect Awards, Year 2 Excursion, School Attendance, Grandparents Day Liturgy, Crazy Sock Day, Term 3 Overview

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 2018

Principals Message, Dates Coming Up, Staff Development Day, Grievance Policy, Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews, Building Child Safe Communities, Respect Awards, PBS4L, Primary Disco, St Vincent De Paul Food Drive, Colour a-thon, Athletics Carnival, Road Rules

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 2018

Principal's message, Refelction, Parent Teacher Interviews, School Fees, Positive Behaviour Support for Learning, Athletics Carnival, Infants Disco, If your child is sick, Are you a considerate driver, Lost Property, Year 5 and 6 Soccer Gala Day, QKR to order uniforms

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 2018

Tell them from me survey, Complaints and Grievances, Parent Learning Forum, Dates Coming Up, Fostering healthy relationships, School Fees, Food Allergies, Car Pick Up, Family Care, Sports Uniform, Respect Awards, Kinder Excursion, Colour-a-thon, Every learner every day.

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 2 2018

Principal's Message, Birthday Treats, Mufti Day, Dates Coming Up, Enroling Now, Winter Uniform, Attendance, Mothers' Day Thank You, Lost Property, Sports Uniform, Respect Awards, Morning Tea, Congratulations, Diocesan Cross Country, Car Pick Up, Happy Mothers Day, School Zones, Mothers Day Breakfast

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 1 2018

Mothers Day Breakfast & Open Classrooms

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 11 2018

Principal's message, Mother's Day Invitation, Staff Development Day, Enroling now, Dates Coming Up, Respect Awards, Winter Uniform, Oz Fashions, Lost Property, Congratulations, Year 6 Camp, Attendance, Mothers' Day Stall

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 10 2018

NAPLAN 2018, Staff Development Day, Dates Coming Up, School Photos, Social Skill, Wellbeing Open Day, Respect Awards, Winter Uniform, Oz Fashions, Year 6 Camp, Congratulations, Attendance, Mothers Day Stall, Premier's Reading Challenge

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 8 2018

Wellbeing Open Day, Staff Development Day, Hair with heart, School Fees, Dates Coming Up, Attendance, Oz Fashions, Complaints & Grievanes, Social Skill, Student Banking, Enroling now, St Andrews College, St Clares Catholic High School

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 7 2018

Bullying NO WAY, Dates Coming Up, P & F Meeting, Wellbeing Day, Awards, Cross Country, Congratulations, Easter Mufti Day, Staff Development Day, Important information, Book Club

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 6 2018

P & F Meeting, Confirmation, Cross Country, Dates Coming Up, Congratulations, Social Skill, Coles Sports for Schools, Easter Mufti & Raffle, Volunteers

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 5 2018

Principal's Message, Dates Coming Up, Mass Times, Open Day, P & F Meeting, Gregory Street, Incorrect Biller Code, Attendance, Lent and Project Compassion, Social Skill, Coles Sports for Schools, Respect Awards, Kinder Attendance, Confirmation,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 4 2018

Enrol Now for 2019, P & F Meeting, Dates Coming Up, Incorrect Biller Code, School Fees, No Parking at BP, Attendance, Catholic Schools Week, Social Skill, Coles Sports for Schools, Volunteers for P & F

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 3 2018

Principal's message, Student Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Cybersafety, Catholic Schools Week Open Kinder 2019, School Fees, Zone Swimming, Coles Sports for schools, Parking around the school, Ash Wednesday, Social Skill

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 2018

Photos from Opening Mass, School Opal Cards, Dates Coming Up, School Fees, MAI's, Kindy BBQ, Assemblies, Complaints & Grievances, Absent from School,

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 1 2018

Principal's welcome, Openeing Mass, Supporting your childs learning, Parent Information Session, Dates Coming Up, School Fees, MAI's, Medication, Skool Bag App, Kindy BBQ, Kindergarten's First Day, Assembly Dates, Sports Uniform Days

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 10 2017

Principal's Message, Dates Coming Up, Bus Passes, Congratulations, Captivate Dance Group, Swimming Carnival, Farewell Year 6, Medication, School Uniform, Luna Park, Water Fun Day, Class Requirements

  Newsletter Term 4 week 9 2017

Classes 2018, Dates Coming Up, Christmas Carols, Yr 6 Graduation, School Captains 2018, Social Skill, Swimming Carnival

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 7 2017

Principal's Message, Christmas Carols, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, Swimming Program and Carnival, Yearly Reports, Term Dates, Office Rollover, Talent Quest, Kindy 2018 Transition, Vinnies Winter Appeal

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 2017

Classes for 2018, Kinder 2018 Morning Tea, Christmas Carols, Term Dates, Respect Awards, Office Rollover, Swimming Carnival & Program, School Fees, Social Skill, P & F Shopping Tour, New Parish Priest, Road Safety, Vinnie's Christmas Appeal

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 5 2017

Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Swimming Carnival and Program, Year 2 Excursion, Social Skill, Kinder 2018 Morning Tea, Facebook, School Fees, Road Safety, School Zone offences, Gregory Street Road Works, Talent Quest

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 2017

Principals Message, Dates Coming Up, Staff Development Day, Swimming Program and Carnival, Year 1 Excursion, Social Skill, Talent Quest, Attendance, Sacramental Program

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 3 2017

Principals Message, Staff Development Day, Swimming Program, Swimming Carnival, Dates Coming Up, Year 5 Mass @ Good Shepherd, Sacramental Programme, Social Skill, Absent from School, Attendance, School Fees, Lost Property, Year 3 Rosary Beads, St Francis Talent Show

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Principal's Message, Staff Development Day, Book Club, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, New Furniture, Save the Date, Sacramental Programme, Sports days, Respect Awards, Summer Uniform, Good Shepherd Parish, Francis Bear, Talent Show

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 1

Principal's Message, Summer Uniform, Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, Diocesan Basketball, Save the Date, Sacramental Program, Student Bus Passes, Sports Uniform Days, Staff Development Day, Mission Mass, Lost Property, Absent from School, COSHC

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 10 2017

Miss Sheridan's Message, SDD, Social Skill, St Francis Day Celebrations, Attendance, Respect Awards, Pyjama Day, Pizza Party, Ed Husic visit, Principal's Morning Tea

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 9 2017

Miss Sheridan's message, Summer uniform, Attendance, Alpha Program, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, Infants Sports Carnival, Letter from Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Cafe Timor, Year 5 Excursion, Kinder Multicultural Day, Uniform Order Form, New Canteen Menu,

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Principal's Message, Every Day Counts, Are you moving? Kindy Cultural Day, Infant Carnival, Captivate Dance, Staff Development Day, Awards, Social Skill, Attendance, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Pyjama Day, New Canteen Menu,

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 7 2017

Fathers Day Celebrations, Dates Coming Up, School Canteen, Are you moving, Dental Assessment Notes, Attendance, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Social Skill, Wanderers Cup, Zone Athletics, Fathers Day Celebration, Thank you

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 2017

Grandparents Day & Book Parade, Pupil Free Day, Dates Coming Up, Respect Awards, Social Skill, Attendance, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Dental Assessment Notes, Fathers Day Celebrations, School Fees, Parent Information Session,

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 5 2017

Grandparents Day, Pupil Free Day, Complaints & Grievances, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, Illegal U-Turns, Attendance, Kindergarten Information, Book Fair, Woolworths Earn and Learn, School Zone Offences, P & F Fathers Day Stall, St Francis Shopping Tour, Term 3 Overview

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 2017

Principal's Message, Parent Information Night, Pupil Free Day, Dates Coming Up, Respect Awards, Social Skills, Visa Status, Attendance, Kindergarten 2018, NAPLAN, Letter from the Bishop, Canteen Meal Deal, P & F Fathers Day, St Francis Shopping Tour, Term 3 Overview

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 3 2017

Message from the Principal, Social Skill, Congratulations, Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Francis Bear, Congratulations, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Absent on Census Day, Book Fair, Term Overview

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

Message from the principal, Census Day, Social Skill, Dates Coming Up, Reflection, Respect Awards, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Confirmation, Attendance, Lost property, Sports Uniform, Term 3 Overview

  Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

Principal's Message, School Drop Off, Sports Uniform, Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Social Skill, Woolworths Earn & Learn, Plumpton Braves Baseball Club

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 10 2017

A message from the Principal, Dates Coming Up, Hugs, Grooming Requirements, Staff changes at St Francis, Year 5 Science Fair, Year 3 Zoo, Cool Kids Term 3, Athletics Carnival, Internet usage, Gymnastic program, Attendance, Awards

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 9 2017

OB-a-thon, dates coming up, Foodbank NSW, attendance, parent teacher interviews, P&F Disco, Cool Kids, Confirmation, Condolences, Stage 2 Mass

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 2017

Ob-A-thon, Athletics Carnival, Half Yearly Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews, Captivate, Foodbank, Primary Disco, Attendance,

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 7 2017

Trinity Sunday, Foodbank, Dates Coming Up, Photo Re-schedule, New date for Ob-A-thon, Athletics Carnival, Lost ring and glasses, Attendance, Book Club, Ob-A-Thon, St Vincent DePaul Winter Appeal

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 2017

Pentecost, P & F Infants disco, Schoo Photos, Dates Coming Up, Attendance, Parking at School, Confirmation, Athletics Carnival, Respect Awards, OB-a-thon, Funding Debate letter from CEDP, St Vincent De Paul,

  Term 2 Week 5 Newsletter

Ascension, Enrol now, Attendance, Dates Coming Up, School Photos, Parent Information Session, School Fees, 2nd Hand Uniforms, Confirmation, Mass at Good Shepherd Church, Ob-a-thon, School Disco, Term Overview

  Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Mothers Day Celebrations, Student Supervision, Dates Coming Up, School Photos, Mental Toughness Info Session, Good Shepherd-Confirmation, Enrolling now for 2018, Respect Awards, School Fees, P & F Mothers Day Stall

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

Mothers Day Prayer, Dates Coming Up, School Photos, Allergies, COSHC, Complaints & Grievances, Mothers Day Celebrations & Mental Toughness Information Session

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 2

Mothers' Day Breakfast, Dates Coming Up, Gospel Reading, Holy Communion, Diocesan Cross Country, Respect Awards, Every Learner Every Day, Enrolling Now, St Clare's High School, Around the grounds, Winter Uniform, NAPLAN, School Fees, Congratulations, Book Club

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

Welcome Back, Winter Uniform, Sports Day, Canteen Update, Term 2 Overview 2017

  Term 1 Week 11 April 2017

Pupil Free Day, Canteen Update, Dates Coming Up, Winter Uniform, Attendance, Cool Kids, Yr 6 Camp, Stations of the Cross, New Canteen Operator, Canteen Menu, Measles Outbreak, Term 2 Overview

  Term 1 Week 10 31st March 2017

Message from Mrs Bellenger, Respect Awards, Stations of the Cross, Attendance, Enrolments for 2018, Pupil Free Day, Morning Drop Off, Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Premier's Reading Challenge

  Term 1 Week 9 24th March 2017

NAPLAN, Easter mufti day, attendance, dates coming up, winter uniform, pupil free day, school fee reminder, canteen, Holy Communion, cross country

  Term 1 Week 8 17th March 2017

Pupil Free Day, Evacuation Drill, Every Learning Every Day, Attendance,

  Term 1 Week 7 March 2017

Catholic Schools Week, Attendance, School Photos, Twitter @ St Francis School, Pupil Free Day, School Fees, Lost Necklace, Oz Fashions, Term Overview

  Term 1 Week 6 March 2017 Newsletter

Catholic Schools Week, Lent Project Compassion, Pupil Free Day, School Fees, Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Cross Country, Parent Learning Forum, Open Day, Awards

  Term 1 Week 5 February 2017 Newsletter

Assembly times and dates, Car Pickup and parking, Dates coming up, Catholic Schools Week, Parent Learning Forum, School Fees, Term 1 Overview 2017

  Term 1 Week 4 February 2017 Newsletter

Absent Form School, Submitting an item for our newsletter, School fees statement 2017, Student banking, Living alongside out Neighbours, Importany allergy information

  Term 1 Week 3 10th February 2017 Newsletter

Uniform Days, Assembly times and dates, Afternoon Car pick up, Year 1 Information Session, Dates coming up, Mobile Phones, Canteen, Kindy BBQ & Info Session, Term 1 Overview 2017

  Term 1 Week 2 February 2017 Newsletter

Parent Information Sessions, Dates coming up, Medication, We are a nut free school, Labelling of school items, opening school mass, Travel home arrangements, Forgotten items, School Fees 2017, Kindy BBQ & Info Session, Sports Days

  Week 10 Term 4 2016

Last day of School, Year 6 Farewell, New School Year Reminders, Sports Day for Term 1 - 2017, Swimming Carnival for years 2-5, 2017 School Fees, Executive Director's Reading Challenge

  Week 9 Term 4 2016

Year 6 Graduation, Canteen Stock Availability, Reconciliation Times @ Good Shepherd Church, End of year reports, Student Bus Passes, Canteen Pre Orders for Water Fun Day, Swimming Carnival Years 2 to 5, School Holidays

  Week 8 Term 4 2016

Student bus passes, Canteen pre orders for water fun day, Reconciliation times at Good Shepherd Church, Yearly learning reports, Swimming carnival years 2 to 5, Yearly learning reports , kinder 2017 transition, Canteen Stock Availbilty and upcoming dates

  Week 7 Term 4 2016

2017 Term Dates, Oz Fashion Uniforms, Swimming Carnival, Office closure, 2017 School based fees

  Week 6 Term 4 2016

St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 2016

  Week 5, Term 4 2016

Gospel Reading, Staff Development Day, Dates Coming Up, Water Fun Day, Book Amnesty, Captivate Concert, Kinder Transition, Uniform changes, Swimming Carnival and Program, Assessment Strategies, Our Beautiful Children, Are you regularly late?

  Week 4, Term 4 2016

Gospel Reading, Staff Development Day, Dates Coming Up, Water Fun Day, Swimming Progam, Swimming Carnival, Missing FitBit, Uniform day changes, Support for students and parents, Talent Quest, Parking around the school grounds, Kinder transition 2017

  Week 3, Term 4 2016

Gospel Reading, Staff Development Day, Dates Coming Up, Sacaramental Forms, Lost property, Last Day Term 4, Water Fun Day, Kindy 2017 transition begins, Book Amnesty, School Fees, Absent from school, Year 4 and Year 2 Excursions, Diocesan Basketball

  Week 2, Term 4 2016

Message to parents, 2016 Annual Fete, Staff Development Day, School Uniform, Uniform Days , Thank You, Book Amensty, Missing Shoes, Sacramental Program, Cross of Mercy & Holy Relics, Respect Awards, Photos from fete, Canteen Price List, Overview

  Week 1, Term 4 2016

Welcome to Term 4, Farewell to Father Vincy, Way of the Cross & Holy Relics, Dates Coming Up, St Francis Annual Fete Tomorrow, Summer Uniform, Sports Uniform, Staff Development Day, Skoolbag App, Free Mulch, Annual Fete Helpers, Fete Parking

  Week 10, Term 3 2016

St Francis 25th Anniversary, School Uniform, Lost Property, Free Mulch, Respect Award Morning Tea, Annual Fete Helpers, Missing School Shoes, Sacramental Program, Respect Awards, Dance Fever, Captivate Dance, COSHC, Term 4 Overview

  Week 9, Term 3 2016

Gospel, St Francis 25th Anniversary, Thank You, School Parking, School Uniform, Free Mulch, Dance Fever, Allergies, First reconciliation, Sacramental Program, Infants Carnival, The Pest Control Shop, Positive Parenting Tips, Good Shepherd COSHC

  Week 8, Term 3 2016

Gospel, Internet & Phone outage, NO online lunch orders Monday, Back to St Francis Day, Parking at School, School Uniform, Crazy Hair Day, Infants Sports Carnival, Sacramental Program, Respect awards, Threatened Species Week, Skoolbag

  Week 7, Term 3 2016

Gospel, Fathers Prayer, Fathers Day Celebrations, 1st Holy Communion, Crazy Hair Day, Dental Assessment, Kinder enrolments, infants carnival, student supervision, school uniform policy, outage, sacramental program, bus services,

  Week 6, Term 3 2016

Bishop Vincent Long, Bus Strike, Awards, Emergency Contacts, Year 1 fundraiser, Fathers Day, Infants Sports Carnival, Car Pick Up, School Fees, Parent Learning Forum, P & F News, Voice of Youth, Dental Check, Lost Property, PAVe, St Clares Camp Rock

  Week 5, Term 3 2016

Gospel Reading, Dates Coming Up, Zone Athletics, Are you moving? Kinder enrolments 2017, Voice of Youth, Mission Fundraisers, Visa Status, pizza party, Fathers Day Celebrations, Infants Carnival, Parent Learning Forum, Tree Donation slip

  Week 4, Term 3 2016

Gospel Reading, Dates Coming Up, Parent Learning Forum, Girls Summer Uniform, Infants Disco, School Fees, School Disco, Mission Fundraiser, Kinder Enrolments 2017, Are You Moving? Student Leave, Visa Status, Grandparents Day, Tree Donation, Awards

  Week 3, Term 3 2016

Gospel Reading, Book Fair times, Dates Coming Up, School Fees, Complaints/Grievances, Cyberwise, Kinder enrolments 2016, Grandparents Day/ Book Parade, Summer uniform, Moving onto another school, new school entry, school fee notice, primary disco,

  Week 2, Term 3 2016

Gospel Reading, Diversity Support, Dates Coming Up, New entry, School Disco, Grandparents Day, Book Fair & Parade, Laura Jean Photography, New Sign in process, Respect Awards, School Fees, Kinder Enrolments, Canteen Competition, Entertainment Books

  Week 1, Term 3 2016

Gospel Reading, Welcome to Term 3, Dates Coming Up, Read-a-thon, Athletics Carnival, New School Entry, School Discos, Grandparents Day, School Opal Cards, OLMC Parramatta, Punctuality, Entertainment Books, Uniform Days, Captivate, Term Overview

  Week 10, Term 2 2016

Parent message, Respect Awards, Punctuality, Sports days, Entertainment Book, Captivate, Kindy excursion, Respect Awards, Term 3 Overview, Laura Jean Fundraising,

  Week 9, Term 2 2016

Message from Miss Sheridan, Captivate, Year 5 Excursion, Parent Teacher Interviews, Dates Coming Up, Year 6 Sleep Out, Read-a-thon, Year 1 Excursion, St Francis Annual Fete, Laura Jean Fundraising, 123 Magic Coaching.

  Week 8, Term 2 2016

Miss Sheridan's message, Read a thon updates, Fundraising news

  Week 7, Term 2 2016

Miss Sheridan's message, Read-a-thon News, Sacrament of Confirmation, St Vincent de Paul's Winter Sleep Out and Awards

  Week 6 Term 2 2016

Gospel, Staff Development Day, Winter Uniform, Library stock take, dates coming up, Sacrament of Confirmation, Read-a-thon, Half Yearly Reports, Tee-ball & baseball, Parentline, Everyday counts

  Week 5 Term 2 2016

Gospel, Child Protection for volunteers and contractors, Confirmation, School Fees, Staff Development Day, Read-a-thon, St Francis of Assisi students Fighting for Justice, Mum's singular drive to help kids, Parentline

  Week 4 Term 2 2016

New Bishop of Parramatta Diocese, Gospel reading, Did you know? Good luck and farewell, Winter uniform, Visa status, school fees, SDD, Respect Awards, kinder 2017, Read a thon, Sacrament of Confirmation, Library and Sports days

  Week 3 Term 2 2016

Gospel Reading, Dates Coming Up, Mothers Day, Good Shepherd Parish Expo, sick children, sickness, staff development day, building confidence, Featherdale Farm Visit 2015, saver plus, term overview

  Week 2 Term 2 2016

Mothers Day, Dates Coming Up, New School Uniform, NAPLAN Dates, SDD, Raffle for Good Shepherd, OLMC Parramatta, NO Nut Policy, Staff Car Parks, Newsletter, School safety procedures, School fees, Book Club, Respect Awards, Cross Country, Congrats

  Week 1 Term 2 2016

Welcome back, Winter Uniforms, Mothers Day Celebrations, Fundraising Raffle, NAPLAN, Staff Devlopment Day, Staff Car Parks, Electronic newsletter, OLMC Morning Tour, Occupational Therapy, 123 Magic Parenting Course, Term 2 Overview

  Week 11 Term 1 2016

What a marvellous term, Respect award morning tea, School resumes, school fees, Holy Communion, Winter uniform, Respect awards, sort recycling, Year 6 Camp, 1-2-3 magic & emotion coaching course, NAPLAN 2016, St Andrews 2017 enrolments

  Week 10 Term 1 2016

Gospel Reading, Easter raffle, Thank you, Dates coming up, Congrats, Cyber Safety, Newsletter electronic, Kinder 2017, Mufti Day, Winter Uniform, Major fundraiser, 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Course, Buddy Bench, BMX legend, St Clare's High School 2017

  Week 9 Term 1 2016

Holy Week, Staff Development Day, QCS Survey, Dates Coming Up, NAPLAN 2016, Cross Country, Major Fundraiser, Holy Week and Easter Ceremonies

  Week 8 Term 1 2016

Palm Sunday, Self Belief, Staff Development Day, School Fees, Respect Awards, Easter Raffle, Dates Coming Up, Student writing about St Francis, Kindy enrolments 2017

  Week 7 Term 1 2016

Catholic Schools Week, NAPLAN, School Fees, Dates Coming Up, Staff Development Day, School Photos, Kindy Enrolments 2017, Holy Week & Easter Ceremonies at Good Shepherd Church, Cross Country, P & F Meeting, School Uniform Policy, Easter Raffle

  Week 6 Term 1 2016

Mrs Bellenger's message, school photos, hair policy, WYD raffle closed, responsible use of ICT, dates coming up, school fees, newslettr & calendar, staff development day, cross country, CSW events, Respect Awards, Project compassion

  Week 5 Term 1 2016

Catholic Schools Week, School Photos, Staff Developent Day, Dates Coming Up, Enrolments open for 2017, Responsible use of ICT, Project Compassion & Easter Mufti Day

  Week 4 Term 1 2016

Working Bee, Newsletter & Calendar, WYD Raffle tickets, Morning Drop Off, School Fee statements, Dates Coming Up, School Photos, Skool Bag App, Responsible use of ICT, Staff Development Day, Compulsory School Attendance, Respect Awards, Zone Swimming

  Week 3 Term 1 2016

Ash Wednesday, Welcome Mass, Staff Development Day, Working Bee CANCELLED, Parent Information night, School Fees, School Bags, Uniform and Library Days, School Banking, Thank you, Kindy BBQ

  Week 2 Term 1 2016

In this issue: Morning Supervision, Uniform, Late arrivals/ Early leavers, Parent Involvement, Dates Coming Up, WYD Raffle, Student wellbeing, NO Nut Policy, Grade parent information evening, Diocesan School Fees, MAI, Parking before and after school

  Week 1 Term 1 2016

In this Issue: School Canteen, Uniforms, Uniform Days, Library Days. Date Coming Up

  Week 11 Term 4 2015

Final Newsletter

  Week 10 Term 4 2015

Thanks to Staff, School Holidays, Teachers for 2016, MAI 2016, Dates Coming Up, School Resumes, Cafe Timor, Canteen CLOSED, New Canteen next year, Annual Carols, Movie Day, Thank You P & F, Awards, Good Shepherd Church Mass Times, School Uniform 2016

  Week 9 Term 4 2015

Gospel, Morning Tea, Thanksgiving Mass, Dates Coming Up, Talent Quest, Reports, Office closed, New Uniform, Bus Pass, Carols, COSHC Vacation Care

  Week 8 Term 4 2015

Family Connection, Principal's Pilgrimage, Year 5 camp, Year 2 Cafe Timor, Congratulations, Dates Coming Up, Movie Day, Holy Family Carols, St Francis Primary Carols, Awards, Vinnies Christmas Appeal, Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge

  Week 7 Term 4 2015

Message, Farewell, Swimming Program Survey, Enrolling Now 2016, Dates Coming Up, Email received, Year 1 Excursion, Vinnies Christmas Appeal, School Fees, Executive Directors Summer Reading Challenge

  Week 6 Term 4 2015

Principals Message, Vinnie's Christmas Appeal, Application for leave, Moving onto another school, Dates Coming Up, Swimming Survey, P & F Discos, Kinder Morning Tea, Summer Reading Challenge, Awards, Jump Up and Down for Kids

  Week 5 Term 4 2015

Holy Souls, Year 4 Excursion, Swimming Carnival, School Fees 2015, Enrolling Now, School Disco, Opal Travel Cards, Parent Questionnaire

  Week 4 Term 4 2015

Staff Development Day, Mass Times, Sacramental Program, Exemption from School form, Lost Property, Moving to another school, Dates Coming Up, Principal Pilgrimage, School Pick Up, School Fees, Hand foot and mouth disease, School Disco, Line marking

  Week 3 Term 4 2015

Gospel, Condolences, P & F Committee, Staff Development Day, Enrolments 2016, Swimming Program, Whooping Cough, Change to Bus numbers, Sacramental Program

  Week 2 Term 4 2015

Gospel Reading, Enrolments 2016, Staff Development Day, Sacramental Program, Annual Fete, Dates Coming Up, Illegal U Turns, Awards, School Fees, Wanderers Cup, Basketball Gala Day, Swimming Program Begins

  Week 1 Term 4 2015

Gospel Reading, Prayer of St Francis, Welcome to Term 4, Dates Coming Up, St Francis Annual Fete, Sacramental Program, Learning at St Francis

  Week 10 Term 3 2015

Awards, Excursion, Fundraiser, Infants Sports Carnival, Uniform

  Week 9 Term 3 2015

Gospel, Year 4 Mission Fundraiser, Summer Uniform, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Dates Coming Up, Flip Sports, Cyberbullying, P & F Facebook, Anaphylactic Awareness, St Francis Annual Fete

  Week 8 Term 3 2015

Fathers Day, School Attendance, Dates Coming Up, Woolworths Earn and Learn, St Francis Day, Year 2, Fathers Day Stall, Social Media and the internet, Congratulations

  Week 7 Term 3 2015

This Week's Gospel, Father's Day Celebrations, Holy Communion, Reading Forum, NO Assembly, Dates Coming Up, School Fees, Diocesan Athletics, School Attendance Procedures, Stranger awareness, P & F Father's Day Stall, Nepean Speech & Language Service.

  Week 6 Term 3 2015

Kinder 2016 Parent Meeting, Parent Learning Forum: Reading, Awards, Dates Coming Up, Feast of St Francis of Assisi, Voice of Youth, Father's Day Celebrations, Woolworths Earn and Learn, Wanderers Cup, Book Parade, Parent's Representative Council

  Week 5 Term 3 2015

Feast of the Assumption, Would you like to help your child read? Book Fair, Dates Coming Up, Why do we number bust? Woolworths Earn & Learn, Kinder 2016 Enrolments, Zone Athletics

  Week 4 Term 3 2015

St Mary MacKillop, Enrolments 2016, Debating, Awards, Dates Coming Up, Kinder Enrolments 2016, Book Fair, Dropping Children at School, Absent Notes, Year 1 Jelly Bean Comp, Grandparents Day, Help your child read, School Fees, Maths - How many 10's?

  Week 3 Term 3 2015

School Fees Term 3, Absent notes for Census, Visa Status, Kinder 2016 Enrolments, P & F Committee, Before School Supervision, Dates Coming Up, Skoolbag App, Book Fair, Woolworths Earn and Learn and Plumpton/Glendenning Cricket Club

  Week 2 Term 3 2015

Grandparents Day, Getting to sleep, Punctuality, Dates Coming Up, Social Incidents or bullying? Merit Awards winners, Silver & Bronze Awards, Kinder enrolments 2016, Student Research Notification, West Sydney Boomers, Woolworths Earn and Learn.

  Week 10 Term 2 2015

Captivate, Confirmation, Maths a thon winners, Parent Teacher Interviews, Dates Coming Up, Information for those wanting to become Catholic, School Zones, School Fee Statements, Year 3 Fundraiser, Kinder enrolments 2016, Woolworths Earn & Learn

  Week 9 Term 2 2015

Message from Miss Sheridan, St Francis Annual Fete, Parent Teacher Interviews, Maths-a-thon, Dates Coming Up, Sick Bay, Late Arrivals, Whooping Cough, Kindy enrolments 2016, Merit Award Winners

  Week 8 Term 2 2015

Message from Miss Sheridan, Sunrise Minion Makeover Comp, Maths-a-thon, Condolences, Dates coming up

  Week 7 Term 2 2015

Diocesan Works Fund Mufti Day, Maths-a-thon, Dates Coming Up, Staff Changes, School Newsletter, Parent Teacher Interviews, No Nut Policy, Book Club, Flip Sports, School Times, Random Act of Kindness Award, Merit & Bronze Awards, Tree Donation Slip

  Week 6 Term 2 2015

Half Yearly Reports, Mufti Day, Maths-a-thon, Dropping children at school.

  Week 5 Term 2 2015

Mufti Day, Change of times, Car Pick Up, School Fees, Holy Family Primary Luddenham, Dates Coming Up, Maths-a-thon, Stockings, Mothers Day Stall, Merit & Bronze Awards

  Week 2 Term 2 2015

ANZAC 2015, Staff Development Days, Mothers' Day, School Fees, Change to hours, NAPLAN, Confirmation, Learning Forum, P & F Group, Follow us on Twitter.

  Week 1 Term 2 2015

Welcome back, Parent Learning Forum, Staff Development Day, School Fees, Uniform & Library days, Mothers' Day Liturgy & Stall, Visa Status, Kindergarten Enrolments 2016, Change to School hours

  Week 10 Term 1 2015

Enrolments 2016, Staff Development Days, Grooming, Change to school hours, Follow us on Twitter, Winter Uniform, Dates Coming Up, Staffing Changes, Mrs Owens is heading to Holy Land, Athletics Age Champions, Cross Country, Movie Night, Yr 6 Canberra

  Week 9 Term 1 2015

Principal's message, Kindergarten Enrolments 2016, School Photos, Easter Raffle, Dates Coming Up, Helping our Kids, Winter Uniform, Athletics Carnival

  Week 8 Term 1 2015

Kindergarten enrolments 2016, Project Compassion, Upcoming State Election, Did you know, School Fee Reminders, Dates Coming Up, NAPLAN 2015, Cross Country, Year 6 Canberra Trip, Parent Survey, Congratulations, St Clare's High School

  Week 7 Term 1 2015

Catholic Schools Week, Quality Catholic Schools Survey, Did You Know? Dates Coming Up, Congratulations, Merit Award Winners, School Photos information, Kindergarten Enrolments 2016, Lost Property, Mufti Day, Netball, PACER

  Week 6 Term 1 2015

Parent Survey Results Update, Catholic Schools Week, Permission Notes, School Fees, Netball registrations, Did you know? Dates Coming Up

  Week 5 Term 1 2015

Lenten Prayer, Kindy BBQ, Swimming Carnival, Zone Carnival, Dates Coming Up, Merit Award Winners, Parent Survey, School Attendance, Allergies, School Fees, St Andrews College Open Day, St Clare's High School Open Day.

  Week 4 Term 1 2015

Ash Wednesday, Project Compassion, Consent forms for Raffle Tickets and use of Students image and/or work.Year 6 T-shirt orders, dates coming up.

  Week 3 Term 1 2015

Sports Uniform, Communicating with teachers, Hairstyles at school, 2015 Statements, Swimming Carnival, Skoolbag App.

  Week 4 Term 2 2015

Mothers' Day, Kinder 2016, Asthma, Medication forms, Youtube Video, Dates Coming Up

  Week 3 Term 2 2015

Mothers Day, Dates Coming Up, NAPLAN, Confirmation, Diocesan Cross Country, School Fees Term 2, Bronze Awards, Kindergarten Enrolments 2016, Parent Learning Forum, Merit Awards Winners, Congratulations.