St Francis of Assisi Primary big winners at Kidzflicks Awards

St Francis of Assisi student movie team
St Francis of Assisi student movie team

On Monday 30 March, St Francis of Assisi Primary, Glendenning were announced the winners for “Best Directing” and “Best Film” with their film Hare Pylls v Wild at the Kidzflicks 2015 Movie awards night at Event Cinemas in Bondi.

Hare Pylls vs Wild is an entertaining and amusing 'wildlife' documentary with tips for surviving school and was nominated for six out of the 14 awards. 

KidzFlicks, the Sydney International Festival of Films by Children, is a weeklong celebration of films made by children 12 years of age and younger. 

KidzFlicks also brings films by children from over 30 other countries onto Australian screens, enabling Australian children to see their own filmmaking in a truly international context.

Congratulations to all the students involved on this remarkable achievement.

The St Francis of Assisi movie team: 
Iris Sinsay, Joshua Emery, Alexander Blazeski-Lindo, Abby Wasylinka, Miguel Tuazon, Vinaal Lal, Clara Naseim, Jadine Roman, Marc Caramoan, Andre Atienza, Camille Bautista.