Battle of Lone Pine Liturgy

A special liturgy to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Lone Pine was held on Thursday 6th August.

The liturgy was held in memory of one of the most famous battles in Australian military history. 

The reason why the battle was called LONE PINE was that in the field where the fighting had occurred all the trees had been cut down to make trenches. All except one tree. This tree was a pine tree. Today that same tree still stands. It would have seen all the death and pain that occurred on this day 100 years ago. Some soldiers who survived the battle did not want to forget the men who had died. They also wanted to remember how terrible that battle was so they took some pine cones from the tree and brought them back to Australia. From those cones they were able to grow pine trees. These trees are a memorial for the Battle of Lone Pine. Today we will plant one of the trees that came from that one tree far away on a battlefield in Turkey.When we look at the tree let us remember the men who died and were hurt so far away from their home.