Our Story

St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning opened in 1991 and has been established on its current site since 1993.

We are a welcoming community that works closely with our local parish and families of Good Shepherd, Plumpton.

Today, the grounds of St Francis of Assisi Primary are attractive, sizeable, and set in a natural environment. The timber buildings form the main physical feature of the school and house each grade group.

Each of our classrooms, from Kindergarten to Year 4, have three learning areas connecting to a central space. These grades have wet areas, integrated technology (interactive whiteboards and wireless access), as well as outdoor learning areas. The Year 5 and 6 classrooms are individually setup with integrated technology and devices.

Our school also has many wonderful facilities, such as a basketball court, expansive grass areas and canteen. Our school environment is filled with many plants and shelter areas, which makes coming to school every day enjoyable.

Working together with parents in Strength and Gentleness describes the hopes of our community, and is the legacy of St Francis. Working together is an essential part of our foundation. It helps nurture the development of your child.

Visit Us Today

Contact St Francis of Assisi Primary today to arrange a visit. Come in and see for yourself, how we focus on student learning growth through the use of contemporary learning strategies.