Our Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Francis of Assisi Glendenning staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

If you wish to speak with a member of staff please contact the school office by phone on 8886 9600 between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm weekdays or send us an email.

Principal Mrs Jenny Bellenger
Assistant Principal Miss Deborah Sheridan
REC Mr Chris Boyer
KA Mrs Daniela Attard / Mrs Shivon Jackson
KB Mrs Rebecca Battikha
KC Miss Sandra Chemouni
1A Mrs Amanda Cox
1C Mrs Celeste Collimore
2C Mrs Susan Cividin
2M Miss Michelline Macahilig
2T Mrs Toni Mitchell
3C Mr Cameron Cavanagh
3D Mr Frank Daglis
3W Ms Lisa Walsh
4M Miss Megan Moller
4R Miss Karen Rutkowski
5B Miss Hannah Bailey
5C Mr Chris Boyer
6A Mrs Kathryn Abbey
6B Mrs Gabrielle Beer-Holloway
Librarian Mrs Patreece Griffiths-Smith
Diversity Team Mrs Anne Bracken
Mrs Shivon Jackson
Mrs Cheryl Boyle
Mrs Sarah Facey
Mrs Abigail Abella
Leadership Team

Mrs Jenny Bellenger
Miss Deborah Sheridan
Mr Chris Boyer
Miss Karen Rutkowski
Mr Frank Daglis
Mrs Louise Gray
Mrs Amanda Cox

Teacher Release Mr Matteo Andreatta
Mrs Patreece Griffiths-Smith
Mrs Cheryl Boyle
Mrs Sarah Facey
Executive Release Mrs Grace Cavasinni
Reading Recovery

Miss Deborah Sheridan

Office Administration Mrs Lee-Ann Falconer
Mrs Christina Williams
Mrs Brenda Jackson
School Assistants Mrs Carmen Muscat
Mrs Carol Zammit
Miss Kylie Nield
Mrs Gordana Sudulic
Mrs Melissa Jayachandran
Mrs Daniella Diana
General Assistants Mr Magdy Saad/ Mr Patrick Hey